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            1 、Work attentively, do right things, do things right and well.
            2 、Enhance a level to think problems, and improve a standard toward work.
            3 、Find more methods for making money, and less ways of spending money.
            4 、Only the company gains, can employees gain.
            5 、Benefits of the staff, shareholders and company are consistent, thus damaging the     interest of company means damaging our own interests.
            6 、Build rectitude and eliminate the evil trends; stop up the leaks and reduce cost.
            7 、Based upon post and keep on duty.
            8 、Excellent employees are loyal to their company, loyal to their occupation and loyal to
            9 、The mediocre cadres are not capable, the cadres doing nothing are not punished, and the
                benefit-oriented cadres cannot be used.
            10 、Focus on attitude, efficiency, details and results.
                 “People oriented” is soft management, while “law-based enterprise governance” is rigid management, both of them shall be combined harmoniously. The company takes people-oriented at first, and insists on democratic management and democratic decision-making. On the aspect of ing talent, the company respects knowledge and talents. Everybody can fully display their talents, and all their talents can be fully made use of. Let appropriate person to do proper things, develop all persons own potential at high limit, and display their talents. “Law-based enterprise governance” means enhancing the sense of legal system, working according to laws and regulations, establishing and perfecting scientific rules and regulations, standardizing behaviors of the whole company by rules and regulations. By uting rules and regulations strictly and carefully to ensure the order of life and production in the company to be safe and stable, and each work to be fast with high efficiency.

                  “Fairness makes brightness, rectitude makes majesty”. Only doing things fairly and impartially can observe and judge rightly, only clean and honest officer can be admirable. Violations of laws and disciplines will be punished sooner or later. In the fiercely competitive market economy, all staff, especially administrative staff, should be strict with oneself and lenient towards others, and be indifferent to fame and wealth. The Party members and leaders should strengthen the policies and regulations learning, and improve the consciousness of probity and diligence. Do things cleanly, do self checking, self-examine, self-alert, and self-encourage, regularize behaviors, insist on combat corruption and uphold integrity, and oneself against jobbery and persons and things damaging the interests of company.

                  Safety in production, everyone have the liability. Concern safety and cherish life. Comprehensive treatment and prevention crucial should be carried on safety. The enterprise shall ensure safety production, no safety no production; the staff shall operate according to regulations, do not operate against rules, do not hurt himself, do not hurt others, do not be hurt by others. The company shall try its best to change the safety requirements in production. Now the site area of company is small, and the equipment layout is crowd, which bring great hidden danger for production and safe. With the increasing enlargement of production scale, the environmental pressure on site for safety production cannot be released for a while, but will get higher and higher. Changing the site environment before removing factory is limited, but the optimization of management level is infinite. Through management innovation to make up the shortage of site condition, and by strengthening site management and improving environment to ensure safety production and occupational health of the staff.

                  Quality is the life of an enterprise, so output without quality is the greatest waste of resource. Through continuous development of management innovation and technical innovation, strengthening quality management and establishing the sense of competitive products to produce high quality, high added value, high credit and high market competition products that accords with market requirements. Meanwhile, do agreeable pre-sale, in the sale and after-sale services well to meet the ever-changing requirements of customers for products and services.
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