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              YANTAI STEEL PIPE CO., LTD. OF LAIWU IRON & STEEL GROUP is one of the key manufacturers specializing in seamless steel pipes and tubes in China. It was established in 1958 and went under the name of YANTAI STEEL PIPE PLANT, SHANDONG until June 2007. The Company had 83,868,200.00 CNY registered capital and 1274  workers and staff at the end of Jan. 2010.
              There are 2 hot-rolling (Φ140 & Φ114) and 1 of cold-drawn production lines in the Company. More than 350,000 metric tons, at least 10 varieties and 1,000 nominal sizes, of seamless steel pipes and tubes are manufactured annually. They are pipes and tubes for high pressure boiler, for casing and tubing, for line pipe, for ship, for low and medium pressure boiler, for structural purposes, for petroleum cracking, for hydraulic pillar service and so on. Their outside diameter is 6 mm to 219 mm, wall thickness 1 mm to 50mm and length (max.) 13 meters. All of them are in conformity with the requirements of the National or International standards.
              The Company started to manufacture pipes and tubes in May 1958. It had been ectly under the Metallurgical Industry Department of Shandong Province since July 1981. In Oct. 1998, it completely became an enterprise with the status of an independent legal entity of LAIWU IRON & STEEL GROUP.
              The Company consists of 10 administrative departments, 5 factories, 1 quality inspection station and 3 exclusively-invested subsidiary companies and is one of the shareholders of YANTAI LUBAO STEEL PIPE CO., LTD. (owned 20.18% stocks).
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